Aerial Instruction

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Interdisciplinary Aerial Performer

For Adults and Children

of all ages and backgrounds

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Rain currently offers private instruction at her home studio in Los Angeles, as well as Online Video Chat Lessons. Click the links for more information


Rain is a passionate instructor and currently offers private coaching, group workshops, and aerial choreography. Rain is available to travel for specialized workshops.


Rain has taught classes and workshops in aerial arts at the following studios:


            Kinetic Arts Center - Oakland

            The Athletic Playground - Emeryville

            Trapeze Arts - Oakland

            The Circus Center - San Francisco

            Acrosports - San Francisco

            Poletential - Redwood City

            Ascend Aerial - San Carlos

            Aerial Artique - San Francisco

            The Aerial Lab - Grass Valley

            Aerial Arts Santa Cruz - Santa Cruz

            Radical Movement Factory - Santa Cruz

            The Four-Eighteen Project - Santa Cruz

New Mexico:

             Wise Fool NM - Santa Fe

             AirDance ArtSpace - Albuquerque


            Canopy Studios - Athens

            The DAIR Project - Atlanta

            Sky Gym - Atlanta

            The Space - Atlanta

            Kinetic Hive Studios - Atlanta



            New England Center for Circus Arts

South Carolina:


            Aerial Fit - Charleston

North Carolina:

            Aerial Space - Asheville

            Cirque Du Vol - Raleigh

            Triangle Circus Arts - Durham

            Bonsai Studios - Raleigh


            Out of the Blue Drill Hall - Edinburgh

            DanceBase - Edinburgh

            Full Circle - Edinburgh


            Groovolution Dance Studio - West Palm Beach

New York City:

            Big Sky Works - Brooklyn

            SLAM - Brooklyn


            Agora Arts - Detroit


            Frequent Flyers - Boulder

            MOTH Poetic Circus - Denver



            Versatile Arts - Seattle

            Knotty Yoga - Seattle


            Sky Candy - Austin

            Gyrotonic Houston - Houston

            Vertical Fitness Dallas - Dallas

            Moxie Mischief - Dallas



            Bumbershoot Aerial Arts - Kansas City



            Voler Thieves of Flight - Kansas City



            Utah Aerial Arts - Salt Lake City


With her extensive training in static aerials, Rain offers a broad spectrum of knowledge approaching new skills, injury prevention, strength training and act development. Apparatus include static trapeze, single point trapeze, aerial silks, corde lisse, sling, chains, and experimental apparatus. Rain is currently not offering weekly classes, as she is performing full time with the Paper Doll Militia. She is, however,  available for special lessons, workshops, and choreography on an individual basis.

Her personal curiosity and enthusiasm for the movement arts is apparent in her teaching style.

Rain Anya has been a passionate instructor of aerial arts since 2004. Rain's teaching style focuses on gaining solid foundation, technique, and strength as well incorporating the creativity and artistry of this expressive discipline. Rain has taught studio classes, specialty workshops and private lessons at over two dozen aerial venues across the US and abroad. Rain has attended teacher training programs through NECCA, Circus Arts Institute, and Wise Fool, NM. She is Yoga Alliance certified and has extensive knowledge in various other movement forms that inform her distinct style, including a lifelong background in theatre and dance. Rain travels around the world teaching Paper Doll Militia specialty workshops, teacher trainings, and aerial retreats (Greece & Mexico). When she’s not on the road, Rain offers private lessons out of her East LA home studio. Rain also works as a trainer and consultant for theatre and film, notable clients include top Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif for her role in Dhoom 3 and sports legend Serena Williams.  


Rain is a certified Yoga instructor with Laura Camp through Camp Yoga

"Rain is one of those rare instructors who is not only a technical innovator of her craft, but also an inspirational and patient teacher who brings out the best out in every student.  She focuses on equal parts strength, artistry, creativity, and technical development... yet somehow makes her class feel more like "recess" than working out.  Rain is truly the ideal aerial arts instructor."

-Flavia Berry


“I owe so much to Rain as one of my first aerial instructors! Rain is truly skilled at teaching-- she is able to help beginners feel comfortable and confident, yet also challenges and pushes more advanced students in just the right ways.

After experiencing other instructors, I've now realized how exceptional Rain is. She is highly aware of detail, and takes care to teach the small but important nuances of how the body is constructed, how to avoid injury, how to finesse a movement. I think the thoroughness in her teaching really reflects the depth of her understanding of both aerial technique and aerials as an art.

Rain is delightful, fun to work with, and provided me with a solid foundation, which I don't think I would have acquired with other aerial instructors.”

-Angela / Wen-Yi Chu


“Rain is one of the hardest working aerialists I know. As an instructor, her advanced technical skill set is well matched by her verbal ability to communicate effectively to students. Her knowledge of raw skills combined with her awareness of anatomy and injury prevention helped me learn on several levels. Her class taught me advanced skills but also refined the subtleties involved in presenting performance, moving efficiently for optimal safety, and I also usually learned a lot about teaching. Rain cracks the whip with a velvet glove, she makes her students work hard and they thank her for it. I look forward to taking class with Rain as much as I do co-teaching with her. She's not only excellent at her job but fun and easy to work with. She has a lot to offer a beginning student as well as a professional performer.”

  1. -Krista Fatka

Aerial Instructor Acrosports

Aerial Performer Dreamtime Circus

“Rain's tissu instruction has helped me grow immensely both technically and artistically. I always feel like I have her full attention - even in group classes, and her genuine interest in my growth makes me feel so supported and validated.

I have attended many of Rain's group tissu/aerial classes over the last 2 years. She is very skilled at structuring the class to accommodate different skill levels while providing specific individual instruction as well. I always feel like my money is well spent in her classes as I have a great time and am continually building skills.

Rain instructed my 9 year old daughter on tissu for several months. My daughter is quite shy and she loved Rain's style of teaching. She responded very well to Rain's clear instruction and supportive encouragement. I really liked how Rain was able to adapt her instruction to match my daughter's level - enabling her to progress rapidly!”

-Dana Arkinzadeh

It was amazing! I had such a great time. I am beyond, beyond, beyond sore but I had a blast! Rain kept her composure so fresh! As a teacher I admired her gusto despite hours, days even.

- Heidi Rhoades - Fitness Coach