Aerial Arts

Physical Theatre • Dance

Vocals • Musical Theatre • Partner Acrobatics

Site-Specific & Multi-Media Collaboration

Interdisciplinary Aerial Performer

Projects of The Paper Doll Militia

Rain Anya - Co Artistic Director

Current Aerial Theatre Productions


Rain Anya’s artistic inspirations and passions are

constantly taking her to new places of extreme creative

processes. Starting in the world of musical theatre at the age

of 8, Rain has explored various types of music, dance, movement

forms, theatre, circus, uses of the body, and expressions of

the spirit . Decidedly deciding to layer, mold, and build bridges

as opposed to choosing an individual specialization, Rain is

constantly redefining her art.  The ultimate goal always being

sharing meaning, emotional content, sparking thought, effecting

changes of the heart, and inspiration.


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